Content Guidelines

Localess users are encouraged to generate content in the form of reviews and other writing that is displayed on our site. In order to foster the type of positive community that helps and supports one another and local businesses, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

Inappropriate Content
Reviews should not contain profanity, racism or other bigotry, threats, harassment or other offensive language.

You should not post any content that is not relevant or advertising another business or service.

You cannot post information about another business than you are reviewing.

Reviews posted should be of businesses that you have personally been a customer and you should not be the business owner or have close friends or family working at that business.

Private Information
You should not post the personal private information of anyone in your review. Please use only first names if mentioning employees and do not put any information about the business, employees or other people that is not common knowledge such as personal phone numbers, address, email addresses, etc.

Please write your own content, do not steal it from other people.